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the city museum really plays heavily on two adult fears -- fear of small spaces, and fear of heights.

here's phil tackling two at once, clamboring headfirst (and fearlessly) down a metal tube about 24 inches in diameter suspended 30 feet or more in the air.

and here's zombie squad kyle clamboring up a tube even higher in the air to join us at the top of a three story sliding board.

and finally, here's our friend dan who is crawling behind me through a series of tubes about 24 inches wide and maybe 18 inches high which snake through the ceiling of the first floor of the museum. if you can fit in it, you can climb it.

it was great fun. we're in a portrait lull right now. waiting for the phone to ring. phil's asleep on the sofa with his arm around a giant fluffy cat who's purring and drooling. phil is not purring or droolling.

we're having amazing amounts of fun. we just photographed a cool police officer named drew.
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