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when the weekends come around, there's so much to do that's piled up during the week that i often feel kind of ambushed. it was busy. i'd been planning on fixing the old french telephone, but i was thwarted by radio shack being closed. so instead i repaired that ladder chrisy and i bought last week and climbed up on the garage roof and installed some security lights so that sky won't come home to a scary, dark, uninviting lot every night. i ran conduit through the masonry and had a plesant, though very dirty afternoon using power tools.

the back yard, seeing as that it's getting a lot more use required some attention. i pulled weeds for a few hours and to keep from being bored, i brought my camera and photographed all the odd little things that you overlook if you're not spending ten minutes staring at one square meter of the ground. this little fellow was my favorite:

some sort of cricket or grasshopper. he walked around my arm for a while moving his mandibles against my skin, i couldn't tell if he was actually feasting off of my epidermis or if he was drinking sweat. in either case, he was very colorful and i'm pleased to have seen him. christy put anti-skid mats under the rest of the rugs to keep the cats from carpet surfing like they've been doing. we're going to bbq off of angelll of harlem's grill then christy's going to make drapes and i need to write an article for Videomaker.

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