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1) roswell just ran past me with a plastic fork. i wonder if she's planning a picnic.

2) I would make a fantastic English Teacher. Get out your journals:

Few songs from the 1980's share the lyrical perfection of the Police's "Don't Stand (So Close To Me)" from their 1980 album "Zenyatta Mondatta". The ending of this song is left unresolved. In 50 words or less, how would you finish it? You have 10 minutes.


I was thinking this morning:

He quits his job, wracked by the pressure and the loss of respect he's garnered from the other teachers who won't even go out to bars with him anymore. He storms out into the parking lot, only to find Lolita there waiting for him. She gets in the car, they drive off to start a new life together. Only several months later does she realize that even when he was employed, he was only making $26,000 a year. He can't find a job as a teacher so he starts working as a house painter making considerably less. Two years go by, and despite his attempts at interfering, she goes off to college, meets a nice boy, falls in love. Our teacher's left with a lot of paint splattered clothes and an original 1968 VW bug with a rust hole in the rear right floorboard.

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