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Saw some pretty good movies this week, "This State Dividied" a doccumentary made by a college student in Utah about the furor that exploded in his town in 2004 when the student government wanted to bring Michael Moore to speak on campus. I give it two thumbs up.

Transamerica, about a man in his final stages of transgenderism. With the operation a week away, the telephone rings. At the other end is a 17 year old son he never knew he had. In jail, three thousand miles away. Our hero/ine, goaded by her psychiatrist goes to meet him and brings him back to Los Angeles in an endearing and often psychologically painful road trip as two very different people try and reconcile themselves. In the tradition of off-beat road-trip movies like Gypsy 88 and Pricilla, Queen of the Desert.

then last night I watched Cache, a French move that I'm still trying to unwravel where a man is blackmailed for something he did when he was six years old. It's a creepy thriller with a compex plotline. if YOU figure out who the blackmailer is, please let me know.

Sent out a proposal for my next book, hope to hear back soon.


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