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the hell bound train

what would you do forever, if you could....
Years ago, I built a treehouse in my parents back yard and spent every summer in it, reading. I read The Screwtape Letters, and I read Tolkien, and I read Treasure Island, and I read a lot of Edgar Poe, but I also read a story by Robert Bloch called "The Hell Bound Train" -- about a guy who makes a deal with the devil. The devil gives him a pocket watch. If this watch is wound backwards the owner of the watch will spend all eternity doing whatever they're doing at that moment. If the owner dies with it, the devil gets his soul. Our hero goes through life never quiet satisfied enough to wind the watch backwards, something's always wrong with his life, something's always nagging him, he's always serching for that one better experience....

I got up at 4:45 yesterday morning, which means I've been up for 38 or 39 hours. I just got home after a job well done, took a shower, and pulled a pair of hot microfleece lounging pants out of the dryer and put them on. I have nothing to do for days. I think I'm about as content as a human being can possibly be. I'm going to crawl under the covers and spin that watch backwards.

this text is our secret - shhhhh!

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