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for the last few weeks i've marveled at how clean the carpets have been upstairs. i figured that either the cats had stopped shedding, or phil was going nuts with the vacuume while i was gone. but tonight i discovered that roswell and n00ton have, for the past month perhaps, been sending the Roomba on a cleaning oddessy probably once, or even multiple times a day. One of them stepped on it this evening and sent it on it's merry way while I was walking down the hall. i picked it up to turn it off and felt a huge ball of fur under it. Turning it over it was FILLED with dirt and cat hair. it must have been run 30 times without cleaning. So they step on it, set it off, it runs around, cleans, and goes back to it's charger, all without me around.

i am george freaking jettson.

You should hear these guys to Metal Militia.

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