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i touched momcat2 on the nose!

i've been trying to spend more quality time with momcat2, sitting out in the front room reading a collection of science fiction stories from the 1950's, having breakfast stuff like that. and she'll sit there and look at me. we've come to a detante of sorts.

so, anyway, last night i was walking through the front room and momcat2 and roswell were sitting on the sofa looking at me. i went over to roswell and gave her a good head-scritchin and belly rubbing, making a big show of it so that maybe momcat2 would start to think "hey, that looks nice, and roswell isn't being killed by it!" then after a minute, i reached over and stuck out my finger, she leaned in and touched it with her nose, i made a little scritchin' move but she jumped off the sofa. but. the nose has been touched!

here's the woods in n.j. from sunday.
Tags: cannibalism, cheese, momcat2
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