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the baby jebas made me sick for a reason

oh yeah! give it up for MOMCAT2!

now only mostly feral!!!

i've been sick as a dog for the past five days. able to do little more than lay on the floor, groan, and watch korean horror movies. so today it occurred to me that i had just as much time as momcat2. i noticed her food bowl was empty, which usually means roswell has come down in the still of the night and cleaned it out like a car detailer. so i opened a can of fancy feast mix medly that had come inside some bag of dry food (this was like "pureed chicken hearts and garden herbs"). which she showed some interest in. i sat down as close to her as i could and put the can between us. every time she'd get near it, i'd reach out to her and she'd step back. after about an hour, she touched my finger with her nose, sniffed it, and started eating. for the next half hour i'd reach up to try and scratch her head every time she got near the food. she'd always back up a bit, but eventually, she let me start scratching and then ... she stopped eating and was totally like "oooh, ooh, get the chin, the chin is itching me something crazy! yeah! now the side of the head! oooh! yeah! the side -- right behind the ear! yeah!" so i scritched her and petted her fur (not as soft as i'd thought she was going to be) for about 45 minutes while she ate. the whole time roswell was caterwauling at the door "i smell the cans! you bastards! give me my @#$@#ing can!"

i went back about half an hour after she'd finished the can and she wasn't about letting me pet her as i walked past, she was like "no can? no love." but, i think a barrier has been broken. it's only a matter of time. and, i think this suggests we can try a more aggressive socialization program for momcat1.

now, if you'll excuse me, i'm about to fall over from flu.

(best spam of the day: "Aliens rendered blocky")
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