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some slight updates

1) There is news about Capt'n Agnes! -- she was supposed to have her dead arm amputated this thursday but at the last minute the vet wasn't able to fit her in (and she is such a little thing!). The wonderful people at city kitties were worried because it looked like her leg was causing her pain but then over the weekend, she moved her leg (!) They called the vet who said "Hmmm! maybe it's not completely dead! I want to wait a few days to see if here is any improvement in it. Perhaps we may be able to save the leg!" So, that's that news.

2) i can pet momcat2 with no problem whenever i bring her food. both phil and i have probably petted her for a total of three hours now. she's coming out as far as the kitchen now. Tattiana has let her know that this is far enough, Milla has not cleared her for upstairs access. Roswell continues to see it as her mission to eat all of her mother's food.

3) If you're reading my journal for the kitty stories you should read lizerk's journal. she adopted a feral mother about the same time that i got wiggles. her momcat had one kitten. and recently, she has the most awesome story of a pregnant cat standing outside of a grocery store meowing for someone to help her, until -- she ended up at lizerk's, with her brood of extremely cute kittens.

4) i saw one really good movie ("inside man") one awesome movie ("district b13") one okay movie ("battle royal") and one awful movie ("infection"). phil had a Lord of the Rings Extended Version marathon this weekend. he has bedsores from sitting on the couch so long. i'd wake up, come downstairs, and hear: "lord aragorn! come thither! there are orcs about!", i'd have breakfast, go out shopping, play some pinball, come back home and hear "pippin! look out! it's the treachery of sauroman!" while heading upstairs. i'd read a novel, head out the door around midnight and hear "clang! clang! you filthy balrog! get thee hence!" -- stick my head in and say "are you watching that again?" and he'd look over wearily and say "no, this is still disk four of the Fellowship of the Ring, it should be over by 2:00 a.m.. I'm going to watch the extended version of the Two Towers after that, want to watch it?" I did watch about three hours of the Return of the King last night with him and Katelyn after Quizzo. It might still be on.

this morning it was raining. i've been listening to CBS Radio Mystery Theater.

best spam of the morning: "Re: small alien empire" followed by "potato thickly"

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