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Sigaw turned my blood to ice. A terrifyingly creepy ghost story from the Philippines. with american titles as either "the echo" (more fitting) or "the scream". marvin buys an apartment in the filthiest and worst lit apartment complex in manilla and cant sleep because a jealous husband down the hall is constantly beating his wife -- who invariably pounds on marvin's door, begging for help. marvin's decision not to get involved begins some of the most drawn out movie creep i've ever seen. i don't know if the elevator scene from "the eye" can ever be beaten, but "sigaw" comes close. some of the best elements of "the eye" and "tale of two sisters" come together in this ghost/horror/domestic violence tour de force. i give it four stars.

val and i went to check out the leica m8 in bryn mawr. i think i've been cured of needing one. it still feels a bit like a big plastic lunchbox, though they've done a really good job of getting it to look like an m in the brochure. then we watched "the notrious betty page" which i found endearing and cute, and "the beat my heart skipped" -- a french film about a piano playing thug that didn't do very much for me.

ivan was one of city kitties success stories. he had brain damage as a kitten and as a result fell over a lot when he walked and had a lot of balance problems. the brain is an amazing thing. as ivan's gotten older he's gotten better. he still walks funny, but he's found a wonderful human mother who loves him.

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