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we got a hotel in seattle last night, sacked out early and slept late. we had tentatively scheduled four portraits, three people bailed on us and we ended up only having one, at 3:30 in the afternoon. so we went to pike place market to act like tourists. we watched people throw fish. cora refused to participate, she slept in the car. i was looking for a silver spoon that said "seattle" but couldn't find one (what gives?). one of the people we photographed yesterday gave me an advance readers copy of "gun show nation" which i read a bit of. we had a nice lunch and then did our portrait with a great seattle police officer named rick and his family. then we shot back to portland. cora's car broke down. phil tried valiently to fix it with twigs and bottle caps before we ended up just giving her a ride home and heading back to circle23's where carolee had -- yikes -- done the laundry we'd left behind. we found the beds made up and the pillows fluffed. we dragged our things inside and phil sat down on the sofa, sighed with the weight of a long day and drive behind him and said, reflectively, "it feels good to be home." and it does feel like being home again.

phil insulated the front door and i made backups of all the photos we've taken so far and cranked the iron maiden on the iPod.

we have another portrait brutally early tomorrow morning. the alarm is set for seven.

if my calculations are correct, we have taken 96 portraits of gun owners in their homes. which means that in the last 8 months, 96 strangers have opened 96 front doors and i've walked over 96 new thresholds into many more than 96 lives and had an amazing experience.

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