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fanboi fotoz of rainer maria

yeah yeah. this is what my photos look like when i'm not working. shocking isn't it? the show was packed, and really really hot. i'm not sure i understand the hoodie-hipster culture. it's 93' in a room, so you wear a sweat shirt with the hood up. okay, i've done things strictly for fashion in my life -- but this is anti fashion -- you're not supposed to suffer for anti-fashion are you?


momcat2 has really turned into a housecat cat and i think it may be time for me to find her a home.

tatty's been making her life miserable -- which is odd, since tatty likes everybody, but she's been beating up on momcat2 a lot -- won't let her upstairs, won't let her into the kitchen unescorted. but this morning when i got up, momcat2 was in the hallway. she walked over to me and sat down. i reached down and she let me pet her -- for the first time without food being around. i sat down on the floor and scratched her head for twenty minutes while she walked around me in circles. i really thought she was going to be under-the-sofa feral forever, but it's obvious now that she wants to be around people. she'll come into the room while we're watching movies, sometimes she'll sit on the arm of the sofa. she's still afraid, but she wants love.

she needs a person with the time and patience to bring her out. there may be a lap in her future, but i don't think this is the house where she's going to shine.

roswell just brought me a Kleenex. how did she know my nose was running?

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