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So, knowing that I love the Baked Potatoe like I love the Great Old Ones, Nicki Jaine called to say she'd found a place that served baked potatoes "that will make your head look like a pea in comparison". Well, this week we went to the Secret Kitchen where I ordered, and ate, two baked poatoes that made my head look like a pea in comparison. Holy Smokes. I may never need to eat again.

In other news, Tatiana's hatred of Momcat2 runs as deep as Darth Vader's hatred for Ewoks. One of them has to be locked in the front room at all times now. At the moment, Tatiana is sitting out here with me helping with my book layout ("Tatty, make me a martini.") which is coming along pretty well. It's looking good, though I have nightmares that once they get ahold of it something terrible will happen, like they'll set their info on the title page verso in Times New Roman or something. I'm writing all these notes in the slug like "Do not use Times New Roman! I have provided paragraph styles for the Imprint!" -- either they're going to look at it in the layout department and say "What a jackass, we should reset his whole book in Chicago just to show him." or they're going to say "Really? Hey Bob, strike the Times New Roman there, he doesn't want us to use it."

InDesign kicks serious butt over QuarkXpress, HOWEVER, it will not let me synchronize master pages across chapters of a book which BLOWS. FrameMaker could do that in freaking 1994. I have 100 chapters and every time i want to change the placement of the freaking page numbers, I have to manually import and apply 100 master pages.

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