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On the Musical Saw, no less

So Nicki Jaine came over last night and said "Hey, let's do a Pixelvision video of me playing Auld Lang Syne on the musical saw."

So we did. I expect each and every one of you to download it and send it to all your friends.

About, oh, I dunno, five years ago I sent Nicki a total fanboi letter. "Oh, you're so awesome, Your music is so great, blah blah blah." The wife of a Jerzee Metal Hair Band star I knew from the 1980's was booking shows and had booked Nicki Jaine. I begged her to introduce us. "She's so awesome, her music is so great, blah blah blah" and she said "Nicki Jaine is so awesome! Come to the show, I'll introduce you!" And when I met her, I couldn't actually say anything other than "Oh, you're so awesome, your music is so great," it was a bit awkward. She smiled, nodded, said "Thanks!" while everything that I'd thought of to say, so that I'd appear cool and suave and all together just went out of my head.

Now we're best friends forever. Amazing. How does that happen?

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