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cat soap opera update!

such exciting news from hotel dresden:

this evening i was in the kitchen, making tea and momcat2 was walking around me in circles, brushing up against my legs. so i sat down on the floor and started petting her -- this is all nothing new now -- but while i'm scratching her head, those sage words of wisdom from Risky Business came to mind. "If you can't say it, you can't do it." Wtf, I thought. And i reached down and picked momcat2 up. Only when I got her to my shoulder did my mind wake up and say to my body You Fool! You have exposed the soft, vulnerable tissue of our neck to her fangs!" but -- momcat2 just put her head down on my shoulder and wrapped her paws around me. I scratched her head for about 30 seconds after which time she figured it wasn't as good as she'd heard and she got down.

but i live.

and in other cute news, after 20 minutes of looking over the edge, sorely tempted, Roswell jumped in the bathtub with me. unfortunately the bath water had been set to "Oh GOD MY BACK IS KILLING ME!" which she found immediately too hot. I helped her bounce out. She spent the next 15 minutes in the corner of the bathroom waving her paws in the air and sneezing drops of water.

tatty and momcat1 are sleeping at my feet while i type this.

and nicki jaine stopped by and gave me a cd of marlene deitrich covers she'd done this summer on a whim.

i love this life.

that is all.

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