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this is why life is so great ....

I'm so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by creative people. I realize this every day. I was out at studio audioviral last week playing with Fox the undead keh-ten when brainclaw said "we should do a cover song".

Some of you may or may not know that in a previous life I was a heavy metal hair band rock star (oooh! sexXxy!) so I was honored to be able to rise to the occasion and be useful playing the crunchy giant monster metal guitar on This fabulous techno industrial EBM Brainclaw rendition of Gordon Lightfoot's 1976 classic The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The superfabulous thing is that Nicki Jaine did vocals on it.

The Claw has also covered Games Without Frontiers, Stripped, and Mad World, which are on their website somewhere. Sadly, none of them feature me. This is my moment in the sun.

I should play some guest guitar on the next Lil' Bow Wow disc. Lil', call me!

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