kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

roswell's famous!

There's a school in New Jersy that asked a couple weeks ago if they could use some of my photos of cats for writing assignments -- I'm not sure what grade it is -- but anyway, I sent them a bunch of photos of cats and yesterday I got a note saying that the teacher had used this image of Roswell for an exercise called "expanded moment" -- where students take a photograph and write about what's happening in it.

I learned that Roswell's different names in some of the Expanded Moment essays were: Marty, Rose, Bobby and Snowy. It included one student's Expanded Moment writing in which her name is "Miky":

Miky licked the tuna off the wheat crust of my hero sandwitch, licking his paws
and then my fingers with his rough as sandpaper tongue.

Roswell is making children into poets.

Ph33r her mad skillz!

edit: i'd screwed this up before with a missing bracket. sorry.

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