kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

on friday Nicki Jaine called to say that she was having a hush-hush preview show of her some of her new music in Bryn Mawr so phil and dr. brad and i headed out. she played a few old songs, a few marlene deitrich covers, and an awesome musical saw / accordian medly of .... ode to joy, you are my sunshine, and ending up with smoke on the water. the place went nuts. anyway, she played three new songs which, i must say, i think are better than any of her old songs. i'm really excited to hear studio recordings of them. she's going to have a new disc coming out in the summer.

anyhoo, she stopped by last night and we watched a really awesome movie called "everything is illuminated" about a guy who goes to ukraine to try and find the woman who'd saved his grandfather during WWII -- it was -- suprisingly awesome. four stars. if you liked "the station agent", you'll like this. then i watched a fabulous zombie flick called "hide and creep" -- imagine "shawn of the dead" if it was filmed in alabama, with no budget. it was fabulous. much better than the remake of dawn of the dead, i enjoyed it more than "28 days later" in fact, it's one of the better zombie flicks i've seen.

from nicki's show

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