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i have ambivilant feelings about zoos ...

on the one hand, they're cruel institutions, on the other, they at times do valuable conservation work. at all times though, the quality of _humans_ you find in them are tragically sub-par. never before have i seen such a collection of screaming, inconsiderate, loutish, inarticulae, poorly dressed, ignorant, and dim witted wave of humanity gathered together in such density. i also abhorr zoo photos -- the whole thing dances false but not in a creative way. i took some while i was there anyway.

then christy and dr. brad and i went to see "the mysteries of egypt" at the imax, we weren't terribly impressed. "bugs" looked more interesting but, after sitting through the preview, i don't know if i could tolerate 45 minutes of people screaming like they're being evicerated everytime they're confronted by the masticating mandibles of a preying mantis four stories tall.

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