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emergency keh-ten alert

butter needs your help. butter is extrordinarily sick but on the mend. he was found in grey's ferry last week and city kitties has emptied their bank account getting him taken care of. his current vet bills are $450 but that's not the problem -- the problem is that they have no place to foster him except at the vet's which is $30 a day (that's $900 a month they could be doing so much more important things with).

so butter needs:
a) a fat wad of cash to keep him in his current in-ideal digs
b) someone to foster him
or, much more importantly
c) someone to love him forever.

you can send a paypal donation to to help out butter and their other kitties.

how can you not love this face?

personally, i would recommend getting a swank set of their greeting cards

and then just sending twice what they're asking for them.

i'm going to get the ball rolling -- they can use whatever you can spare.

thanks folks. make the world a little better for your passage through it every day.

City Kitties is a 501c charity but donations to them are not yet tax deductable.

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