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vitalij kuprj alert

for those of you who are classical music buffs, Vitalij is going to be on the radio tonight playing Lizt's Piano Concerto #1 at 8:00 on WHYY (our local NPR affiliate).

They're also doing Shostakovich's immortal Symphony #5. If you're not in WHYY's broadcast area, you can listen over the interweb.

how lucky are you?

In OTHER very important news ... i woke up at about 6:00 a.m. today to find momcat2 sleeping on my stomach. what a little sweetie. i started scratching her head and i felt it before i heard it, but it was definately there -- a quiet series of repeated, inarticulate grunts was no doubt rudimentary purring. my little rainbow's learning to talk!!

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