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1) You just have to love a band who has a song called "killed by death" -- and the best thing about it is, they're serious. I've seen Motorhead three times, which is about twenty times too few.

2) Iron Maiden is still kicking them out. seriously. "Paschendale" is a fantastic song, worthy of Number of the beast or Powerslave. Phil and I are watching the Death on the Road DVD while Roswell rips the house apart. These guys are all over fifty and they can wipe the floor up with any teenage numetal band you can throw at them. They're spring-loaded music machines.

3) I got the new Fields of the Nephilim album Mourning Sunand I kept it tucked away in my iPod for a month -- waiting for the proper moment to listen to it, I didn't want to waste my first listening to a time when I couldn't pay full attention to it. Last week I went for a walk while the snow was coming down. I felt time wither before me.

4) After five years Poe's astounding album Haunted has never left my top rotation. Wild just may be one of the best songs ever written.

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