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I was plesantly suprised that Sasquatch Mountain does not suck. It's cleverly filmed (for the SciFi channel I believe, but I got it from netflix). Stars Lance Henrickson as a truck driver whose wife died 12 years before after a brief encounter with Sasquatch. It also stars Cerina Vincent and if you've ever seen her in a movie, you'll know what I mean when I say she's it's best asset but also it's curse. Pleasant to watch but she plays a kidnapping victim as though she were in the role of a bossy prom queen ("You kidnap me and hold a gun to my head and think you can flirt with me? Buzz off.") But she's not alone. Most of the main characters seem to have improbable relationships with reality. Very nice cinematography and camera work -- the bigfoot is largely filmed well but occasionally the "that's just a guy in a cheap suit" bleeds through but you get what you pay for with an 18 day shooting schedule.

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