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so today my friend conrad and i went out looking for and at roadside memorials on 295 in new jersey -- i've been thinking it might be interesting to drive across america (notice how all my projects start out like that? "dive across america and photograph ....") and photograph those memorials left by friends and family members to the 50,000 people a year who die in automobile accidents. in just a couple hours of driving we found about ten -- which is shocking. but we also came across this deer in plesantville n.j. -- a graphic reminder of how dangerous cars can be. south jersey, like many places in america, is basically wilderness with highways running thorough it, opportune meetings for speeding metal and unwary animal. at this particular curve in the road i also found a dead male mallard duck, a chicken, and a cardnal within 100 feet of one another. i imagine they were all hit by cars.

my father's been doccumenting road kill for years. i can't hold a candle to his work, but i found this view poignient and sad.

when i got home i found nicki jaine lounging on the sofa, googlewhacking with dr. brad. they ordered pizza and we watched "chad vader: night shift manager".

best spam subject today: "thumbtack bitterly"

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