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oh metallia -- what happened to you?

n00ton and i are watching a metallica DVD and i find myself torn -- on the one hand, it's beautifully mixed, their stage is gorgeous, they're tight as the lug-nuts on a rusted out 67 carmengia, and they do a very nice version of "creeping death" -- but on the other hand -- they seem so glossy -- like they wear their jeans and t-shirts once before throwing them out. and i get the impression that james' between-song banter is the same every night. he just said "we're here to kick your ass!" which reminded me that lemmy says that at the beginning of one of the motorhead videos and when lemmy said it, i believed that motorhead was here to kick my ass -- like in the physical sweet barking cheese, i'd better lock the freaking door way.

n00ton doesn't seem to have a preference.

rilo kiley and rainer maria are currently in the heaviest rotation on my iPod so maybe i'm just getting old....

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