kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

i love it when it rains

Slept late today. When I woke up, Momcat1, Momcat2, Tatty, and Roswell were all on the bed hanging out with me, it's so good to be loved. I clomped downstairs, Roswell following me like ... well, Roswell. We cooked up some goodies and sat out in the breakfast room and ate. Roswell wasn't interested in any of the food (she did mangle a baby corn without swallowing any of it), but she's sitting next to me curled up and happy. (Momcat2 is here too, currently asleep on the arm of the sofa.)

I'm hoping to work on some wireless flash stuff today with the new SB800 setup. So, if you're a model who lives on my block, or an actor who needs a new headshot and doesn't mind me screwing around for two ours making snoots out of cerial boxes while I try to get the lights to do something interesting, give me a call. You might get to pet Roswell too.

Tags: cannibalism; mattress ticking man; rain

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