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You know that guy who's always riding his off-road ATV down your street making a lot of noise, not wearing a helmet, popping wheelies, doing 45 in a 25 zone, taking turns really fast to avoid the police? Yeah, you know that guy.

I sat out in Clark Park yesterday for a while and read a novel. It was nice out. Then Trillian came over and we watched disc 3 of Shogun and listened to a whole bunch of Dwight Fiske 78's on the Victrola. I'd gotten something of a hoarde of them a long time ago that I'd never listened to. My particular favorite among the newbies was entitled "The King and the Queen".

This morning I cooked breakfast and Roswell was nowhere to be found. I sat out in the back yard and ate, it was glorious, but I noticed there's a lot of garbage under the back porch that needs to get thrown out.

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