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in which our hero goes to a concert and is cooked like a goose

so Vitalij calls and says: "Kylovitch! I am playink a concert with Piano4, you must come along, it will be keellar!"

So I did.

Rock star madness ensued. Or, at least lots of posing.

we drove for hours.

and hours. stopping only at Taco Bells. We did not pre-coordinate our outfits, in case you're wondering. It's just how rock stars dress.

I got sunburnt you wouldn't believe. On the way down, he gave me a copy of his new rock album with the prog-rock appropriate title "Glacial Inferno" and then he narrated it the whole time like this: "A minor! now back to B flat Major! Listen! Kylovitch! this is killer guitar solo!! Now I double up on keyboards! Now back to A minor, and to the harmonic! Listen! Drums!" and playing air keyboards to his own music. And I sort of had a moment in this moment, thinking how lucky I am to be in the audience for stuff like this.

We got to the auditorium and I took some photos of Piano 4 to practice my strobist

they play, as you may have guessed, four pianos at once. They are the only piano quartet in the world, in fact.

I hung around while they talked about stuff and got ready for the show. I ate all the rock star food back stage.

They played, I got a seat in the front row, afterwards they signed autographs, I ate more rock star food in the dressing room. Then we drove home. I got back at 4:00 a.m. but

It was keeelar!

no lj cut, i know, i'm going to heck.
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