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spinnin some disks on the victrola

The year is 1927, reclusive novelist F. Gerald Fitzscott (that's me) throws a party for Philadelphia's movers and shakers. The famed Ginswing Tea Party is a speakeasy that avoids federal crackdown by moving locations every night. The unsuspecting Fitzscott does not realize that tonight, one of the guests has murderous intentions!!!

Noted mobster and rum-runner Tommy Gunn cuts a slice of rug with the "It" girl, saucy silent film actress Shara Beau:

Avatrix Mae Bea, who's solo transatlantic flight captured the minds of the world chats as world famous escape artist and prestidigator, Barry Youweenie, fresh from wowing the crowned heads of europe by escaping from a solid block of cheese, looks on.

Conservative Senator Phil E. Buster has a heated argument with rival Dash Sportster, the famed novelist author of A Passage to Jersey and Howards Butt.

After Gerald Fitzcott's murder early in act 1, Spiratualist Etta Kitt convinces the others to hold a seance in an attempt to contact the spirit of the slain author, with shocking results!

Who did it??? So many suspects! So much deception!

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