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Here's me at my lecture in Orlando. I was given thunderous applause at the end. Mostly because I said "It is now time for you to applaud like your lives depended on it."

The audience is always a bit ecclectic and this time included a familar face -- George Cahill III who those of you with kids might remember as Mr. Greenjeans on Fox-Kids "Captain Kangaroo" from 1996-2001. He and his son are now doing anime voiceovers. He was also the only one in the audience who knew what XLR stood for.

Not just the whole hotel, but the whole ... surrounding area was weird in this prefabricated way.

Whee, i'm in florida!

Everything was owned, run, or lorded over by Disney. That was weird. They have total control over you there. What you eat, what you see ... if you come down with any money, no matter how you spend it, Disney gets it.

When someone says to you "Hey! Hey! I got a good picture for you to take!" They're almost always lying.


My hotel from the outside.

Much as I like visiting somewhere else, I like coming home a lot more.
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