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When I'm working on something like this, I meet a lot of people. Every once in a while, you meet someone special and when you leave you think I really wish I knew them better. Kipp and Sarah were like that. Soft spoken, happy, gregarious and just plain nice. I wish I knew them better.

Sarah and Kipp
U.S. Coast Guard E6
Fifth Coast Guard District
USCGC Vigilant, USCGC Seahawk, USCGC Neah Bay

Kipp: I got my first service related tattoo when it was time for my re-enlistment. It was a big decision and I wanted to mark that, so I got the anchor on my bicep here. I was stationed on a patrol boat in Carabelle, Florida, I got the tattoo done in Tallahassee, our nearest big city. From there I transferred up to Cleveland; I was on an Ice breaking tugboat in the Great Lakes. I worked with a couple of artists at 252 Tattoo.

My wife has some classic Sailor Jerry artwork -- she's been very supportive of my career and my choices.

Visually the older style of tattoos appeal to me. I have a lot of respect for the service of that time the World War II tattoos and the sailors of that era. My grandfather was in the Navy at that time -- a very proud time in American history and a proud time to be a sailor.

Sarah: Living in this area, I've grown up around military all my life -- my dad was Navy. I love the nautical style and I love the 50's it was a time when things were simpler and everybody had manners and cared about each other -- more than a sticker on a car, there was true support for people [in the military].
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