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armed america promo materials photographed with momcat2 to enhance value

I did nothing yesterday. I laid on the sofa. Laid in the bed. Laid on the living room floor. Okay, Trillian and I listened to a 1940's set of 78's of Lynn Fontaine reading The White Cliffs of Dover by Alice Duer Miller. But that was while I was laying on the living room floor and Trillian changed all the records.*

And in other news, I got the BLAD or Book Layout and Design from my publisher. It's a handout for the Book Expo and I think they're mailing it to people. It looks sharp.

today i'm transcribing vet's tattoo stories. Then I'm going to watch Pulse. The American version.

* very late at night I did actually finish reading Forever War, but that's hardly an accomplishment.

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