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At the Book Expo

I arrived at the Javitz center this afternoon to find it in mountains of disarray. Forklifts were moving palates of books, displays, lighting and computer equipment around the convention floor, there were piles of empty boxes, literally, four feet deep in some of the isles. Guys on cranes are moving wires across the ceiling. My publisher, F+W, has a big red sign hanging from the ceiling which made them relatively easy to spot.

There was a teriffic "back stage" feel to being there during the setup, especially with this badge that says "author". I found the whole thing surrealistic when I saw piles of Armed America BLADs and boxes that had KYLE CASSIDY written on the side of them. I didn't recognize any of the people who were setting up so I was gawking at name tags trying to place them with emails and jobs when a lovely woman with a British accent said "Now you're Kyle Cassidy!" And so I was.

It turned out to be Sara Domville, the president of F+W and she pulled from her magical bag ... A copy of Armed America

I don't really know how to describe the feeling -- there should have been a video camera -- it was certainly something. To have been living around and in and with these images for so long and then to see them all together, presented, I almost didn't want to open the book. I wanted to hold it and linger.

The cover looks beautiful -- I'd been worried because I'd only seen medium resolution PDF's previously, but the reproduction is fantastic. And inside ... the reproduction is also beautiful. Immediately I was taken by just how big it is. It's a thick book. It has substance.

Everybody melted away to do things and I sat there, in a huge pile of empty cardboard boxes flipping slowly through pages, feeling them real for the first time. Surely the sun and the planets spun around me this afternoon.

Thanks so much to all the people who worked so hard for this moment.

More later.

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