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So ... things got underway today. When I returned to the convention that mountain of trash was gone, carpet was down everywhere, everything was gleaming. I "signed" for an hour and a half -- since we only had one copy of the book, I was signing BLAD's and post cards (they made four post cards from images in the book). Mostly I was just talking to people from the press who wanted to either review it or do something else about the book. I got pretty rehearsed at answering:

"How did you get the idea to do this?"


"So, where do you fall on this debate?"

which were the questions I heard most. Everybody seems captivated by the images though, which is the important thing.

One really cool thing was seeing that there was a back page ad on the INGRAM catalog -- those of you with nefarious bookstore employee pasts (such as myself) know INGRAM as the go-to place for book ordering. In fact, when I was working at [insert name of chain store], if INGRAM didn't have it, we couldn't get it.

After that, I went around and acted like a fan boi -- gettingg Susan Masino to autograph a copy of AC/DC: Let There Be Rock

There are so many authors and books here, you could get lost, in fact, everybody does get lost -- it's complete book overload. You could walk home with a camper van filled with free books if you wanted.

Ingrid Newkirk, the president and founder of PETA also has a book with F+W on how to throw a party for your dog -- they had her side of the booth all decked out with people in lederhosen giving out "dogtoberfest" swag, vegan treats for your dog and real beer for people.

She seemed sad that I didn't have a dog (she had some sort of boxer, which was also wearing lederhosen -- i should have taken a picture), but she sent roswell an autograph

And I met two of the coolest people, Linda Woods and Karen Dinino, who are the authors of Journal Revolution: Rise Up and Create! who were also signing at the F+W booth (they're also sisters). Their book is about making swank artsy journals and they were just so filled with enthusiasm, bubbly, happy, friendly people. I just got this surge of joy standing around them. When we packed up I was a bit sad to hear that they weren't going to the big author party tonight at the Empire State Building because they'd just flown in from L.A. so they're off to crash. They told great funny stories about Rosie O'Donnell becoming a fan of their books and wearing one of their T-Shirts in a Newsweek photo spread.

They were really interested in the Armed America photos and we talked about that for a while, and about how much fun we're having. "We're going to BLOG about you!" Linda said, "I'm going to BLOG about you first! I said. Tada.

Feel free to pop on over to their blog.

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