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Javits -- Day Three

Last night was the big "authors dinner" which was at the Empire State Building. Linda and Karen didn't make it, but Renee, one of the co-authors of this awesome knitting book calle "Anti Craft: Knitting, beading, and Stitching for the Slightly Sinister" was there. Renee is awesome. She's from Kentucky and she talks like it, but you know that she was always the perfectly adjusted oddball everywhere she went. The sarcastic, super-friendly, creative person that we all wish we were. People from the our publisher's had too much to drink and started making a sculpture out of donuts.

Here's Manhattan from the observation deck of the Empire State Building which is filled with very unfriendly security people. There's now an airport-like security screening to get on the observation deck. I kid you not. Go through the metal detector. Take off your belt sir. Whats this in your pocket? What are you nervous about?

There was a nice view, but it wasn't worth the grumpiness.

I signed more stuff at the Expo today, talked to a lot of interesting people, a lot of buyers and a lot of librarians. That went really well and I ended up staying a lot longer than I was scheduled to be there.

Trillian came by and we walked around the Expo. One of my favorite things was this bus from the Romance publisher Ellora's Cave ("What happens in the cave, stays in the cave." -- they had half a dozen authors in this tour bus, driving across the country doing signings at bookstores. What a great life -- writing books, hanging out with other writers, touring on a bus.

After I was done signing stuff we walked uptown in search of what turned out to be a non-existent J. Peterman store but ended up at a flea market where I bought Trillian a bag with a skull and cross bones on it (and she bought me $50 worth of Pina Coladas (2, welcome to Manhattan) but I'm pointing out the bag so that y'alls know that I'm a super nice guy). When we got back there was a nice note from Renee shoved under the door saying that we should hang out and you know, we should, because when will we get the chance to again?

things are awesome up here in NYC. Hope they're grand wherever you are.

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