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You gotta love the livejournals where someone can use the words "mahamra, mutebbeh, dajaaj meshwee" in the same sentence as the word "standard". Good stuff from whafford.

Went out with Trill and Ryan this weekend. Outside a store, Trillian bumped into a Korean War vet (USMC) with two tattoos on his arm and before I could say "howdie doo" she'd hooked me up a portrait session with a really wonderful man for the Warpaint project. How swank is that? He was super nice. I really hope I'm that friendly and happy at age 70.

Then sunday finished up some videomaker articles, worked on excerpting my travel diary for, sat on the sofa with milla ... watched "medicine man" with Trill and Jerry and Dava. Lazy weekend all in all.
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