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book reviews

After more than a year on amazon pre-order, Shinsukke kuchiishi's book, J-Rock Groupies showed up.

It's a lot like Shoichi Aoki's fantastic book Fruits, which is a collection of portraits of young people in front of the Tokyo Gap over a period of, I think, five years. J-Rock's style isn't quite as smooth, some of the photos are slightly out of focus and it's only about half the size. Each section is introduced with some live shots of the band, and then followed by 20 or 30 portraits of their fans (they say they're all girls, but after looking at Malace Mizer I think only a chromosome count could really tell you). Lots of amazing costumes, lots of Gothic & Lolita. Shinsukke's also done a photo book on Cosplay fans.

If you liked Fruits and I suspect many of you did, pick up J-Rock Groupies.

This book review brought to you by the letter "J" and the number "7".
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