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Important momcat2 update

Since I know there are about six of you out there going "wtf happened to momcat2? where are the updates?!"

Momcat2 and n00ton moved in with Phil and are adjusting. Momcat2 hid under things for a few days but seems a happy little bug now. Roswell's been over three times for play-dates and always has a wonderful time checking for food and running around chasing her mom and her sister. They have a big apartment all to themselves now, which means that Tatty is no longer tormenting Momcat2 (which she was doing unmercifully). They each have big windowsills to lay on and a great view.

There you have it.

If you feel so much joy at all this news, feel free to paypal so that they can help other west philly strays.

(momcat2 says "u can n0 lolcat srus momcat. i r eating u soul.")
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