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who brought the ants?

We were thinking of hanging out with those rockstars in Brainclaw this weekend, but they were all hung-over from some crazy night with Celene Dion, so Trillian and I decided to have a picnic in the cemetery. Which is not as odd as it may sound -- the lovely Woodlawn cemetery has been a picnic destination in Philadelphia since the Civil War. I much prefer it's quiet rolling hills and quiet footpaths to the noisy bustle of Clark Park.

we made eggless potato salad with a dressing of olive oil, dijon musterd, rice vinegar and balsamic vinegar. We also made a tofu-salad that looks a lot like chicken salad and used Nayonase, with chopped celery, onion, scallions, and sweet gherkins. Finally we topped it off with some aubergine and string cheese. We sliced the aubergine very thin on the mandolin (there's a song in there somewhere) and Trillian slathered it in olive oil and grilled it until it was soft, then we wrapped it around some Mexican string cheese.

If we'd known that Brainclaw was still going to be getting bailed out of jail, we would have made a loaf of homemade bread and some pesto too, but sometimes ya gotta fly on short notice.

I think some sliced tomato would have gone nicely with the aubergine, maybe inside the wrap, or possible just pinned to the outside of it. or maybe we could have just mashed the whole thing inside a cored out plum tomato. NOW THAT'S THINKING!

Then we read some of the sixth Rover Boys novel (The Rover Boys in the Mountains) where the youngest boy, Sam displays incorrible behavior, picking on another student because of his weight and amount of money his family has. We were both somewhat thunderstruck that Sam (whose name we replaced with an expletive while reading because he was such a brat) is supposed to be the hero of this moral tale -- which consists largely of these three rich kids lording over people less fortunate then they. It's an interesting insight into the world a hundred and five years ago. I was debating sending them to my nephews after I'd finished a sampling of century old shenanigans, but I fear that their pre-adolescent minds might not be able to pluck the real moral out of these stories, which is that fatuous jerks often get rewarded if they're good looking, popular, and wealthy -- and sometimes they grow up to write books glorifying their bigotry and misbehavior.

Currently Milla and I are watching AC/DC at Castle Donnington, sipping mimosa's (milla's actually drinking tap water from the sink) trying to motivate myself to go outside and do something productive. But it's hard when you're watching one of the best concert videos ever made....
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