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Movie Review: Primeval

Some people watch bad movies and love it. I don't like "B" movies and I don't believe in the phrase "beautifully awful" or "so bad it's good". When I watch something like "Sasquatch Hunters" -- I'm doing it because I have hope, hope that it won't be awful -- that someday, someone, somehow, will make a good movie about bigfoot. I'm usually disappointed. But yesterday when I picked up the DVD for Primeval and read the synopsis: "American News crew sent into the dangerous, snake infested jungles of Africa to catch a 25 foot man eating crocodile during a violent revolution." My heart soared -- like it does every time. And crazily enough -- this time I wasn't disappointed.

Devotedsattelite stopped over and we made stuffed peppers on the grill and set the surround sound and instead of the B movie I was expecting, we got a really decent Nature Gone Arwy thriller with good dialogue, decent characters, wit, humor, and plenty of action. The croc is CGI, but pretty good CGI and the camera work and cinematography is actually exceptional good. Within the first 45 seconds I was thinking "Wow, this might actually be a pretty good movie."

There are obvious comparisons to Lake Placid, and if they were made in the reverse order, one could say that Lake Placid was a direct parody of Primeval -- but I think they both hearken back to common ancestors in the 70's like Alligator and even Kingdom of the Spiders.

Considering the atrocious reviews it got, D.S. and I may be it's only fans on Earth outside of the families of the cast. But let me say "If you're the type of person who would rent a movie about a giant crocodile eating people, watch Primeval."

Two fangs up!


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