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album covers and such

So a few weeks ago, Noel, the bass player from Carfax Abbey called. They have a new album coming out, they wanted a shot of a spooky little girl for the album cover. I thought, "heck, I'll call Savannah" -- who was in "The Room at the Top of the Stairs" and John Santerinoss Film "Destin" she can be mighty spooky.

So last night she showed up with her Makeup Artist, Noel showed up to make sure things were on-track, and devoted satellite showed up to eat dinner and pet roswell.

Savannah's one of the most professional actresses I know -- which is amazing, since she's eight,. She can be so extraordinarily serious, she knows what you want, she has her own ideas about how to get there, you can name an emotion and she can do it, at the snap of a finger.

Anyway, she and Noel got to be instant buddies. He was standing off to the side of the set snapping photos of the shoot on his cell phone and she'd then send them back to her father, digital artist Drewcifer Mercert who many of you know and love, and he'd text back "You look scary!"

About two hours into it, Savannah and Devoted Satelite were acting like monkeys, hopping up and down making monkey sounds but when you say "okay, now I need scary ghost" she'd snap right up and be a scary ghost, instantly. Then while I'd move the lights, Noel would be giving her piggy back rides. It was awesome fun

Y'all are gonna have a heart attack when you see the album cover, but here's an outtake of Noel and Savannah checking out Noel's cell phone shots:


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