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y'all don't care about my amazing album cover photos for incredible bands, i know.

Roswell and I cooked rice and beans for Trillian last night -- it was awesome. Really, it was. I cooked the rice with vegetable soup stock instead of plain water. And we made a tomatillo and tomato paste to liven it up even more. In hindsight, i think it could have used raw green peppers, just a little, but it was pretty darn good. Roswell was more interested in a squirrel in the back yard.

Then we watched Bend it like Beckett where Hugh Grant gives a really riveting performance as St. Thomas of Canterbury, a tormented Leonardo DiCaprio plays King Henry II, and a jaw dropping acting tour de force from Posh Spice as Elanor of Aquitaine. The cast is rounded out with Harvey Keitel and Meatloaf as the killers. The whole thing revolves around a soccer championship that both King Henry and Beckett, the Archbishop of Canterbury, are heavily invested in, but on opposing sides -- in America we really don't understand how serious soccer is in europe. Ultimately, Leonardo has Hugh chopped to bits on the steps of the soccer stadium as he's delivering a sermon. Liam Nieson plays the Pope with a bumbling brilliance.

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