kyle cassidy (kylecassidy) wrote,
kyle cassidy

Wild Bill

I wasn't going to say anything because his family has asked to keep it quiet, but people are asking and I feel it would be wrong for me to pretend I don't know anything. Wild Bill is in the hospital, he had a major heart attack about two weeks ago and is recovering, but very slowly. His family has asked that people not try and figure out where he is, not try and visit him, not call on the phone, not make a tent city in the parking lot. If you feel compelled to send him a get-well card, you can do it here:

Bill Guarnere
c/o Gene Guarnere
2800 Dogwood Lane
Broomall, PA 19008

I realize he's got to go sometime, you can only cheat death for so long -- but I keep thinking "not now." My thoughts are with Bill, but also with our Sailors, Soldiers, and Marines who are dying young, every day, without the opportunities that Bill's had. All of you in Iraq and Afghanistan, come home safe and soon.

*EDIT* i guess it's stupid to turn comments off when people might feel a need to express themselves.

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