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rock stars in the hizzle!!!

We had Rock Starness in Casa Del Milla last night -- Anna Vogalsang and her Boy Band were in Philly playing at the WXPN festival. They're on a short tour from their home base in Pittsburgh and crashed here after their show. (TONIGHT THEY'RE PLAYING THE KNITTING FACTORY IF YOUR'RE IN NYC). They were still sleeping in typical Rock Star fashion at 6:00 when Roswell and I got up and made avacado and olive grilled vegan cheese. It needed shredded carrots. We ate out on the back porch so as not to wake the rock stars.

Roswell had a great time. At one point she got brave and jumped off the porch into the pouring rain which turned her into a funny black lightning bolt.

Here's what it looks like inside.

Photos of the rawk staaahz tomorrow. They had a really cool song about Paris Hilton.

Anna, who was staying in Milla's room, had built a sort of wall of luggage to keep Roswell out of the room (Roz has a tendency to play with people's faces in the middle of the night) and while I was up brushing my teeth I got to see Roswell try and jump over this wall -- it was exactly as though someone had hurled a bowling ball at it with great force. She got about three inches of air and WHAM! right into the luggage, which all came tumbling down in a huge loud mess. The rock stars just moaned and rolled over. Roswell shook it off and ran downstairs to torment the rhythm section.
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