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science fiction double feature

I scored all 46 episodes of Dimension X the sci-fi radio series from the early 1950's. I'd first heard it on Antioch radio (on iTunes radio under "talk and spoken word") it's a fantastic series of science fiction radio plays written by "up and coming authors of our time" which, at the time, were people like James Blish, Ray Bradbury. Isaac Asimov, Robert ("Psycho") Bloch, Robert Heinline, and one I just listened to yesterday written by Kurt Vonnegut.

What I find most fascinating about them is that they, for the most part, take place in THE FUTURE so you'll get dialog like this:

Bob: Okay, now throw the lever, and we will accelerate through time!
Al: The years are zooming by!
Bob: Throw back the Time Shield!!!
[woop! woop! boom! krang!]
Al: We're here!
Bob: It worked!!!
Bob: Look out! Killer Robots now rule the planet!
Al: [screams]

okay, I made that bit up, but I've listened to three stories so far, that took place in 1965, 1986 and 2006.

It's really fascinating to hear about the 1950's idea of the future. The one that took place in 1965 had people landing on the moon. How outrageous!

Dimension X lasted only one season on NBC before it was canceled, but it spun off an extraordinarily successful show called X Minus One that ran from 1955 - 1958 and spanned 113 episodes.

Each of the episodes are 30 minutes long. Perfect for listening to on the bus or laying in bed waiting for the sandman (to blast you into atoms on Lastday).

I got them from The Radio Lady. Tell her I sent you. (You won't get a discount, but she'll draw a cute little face on your receipt).

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