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photos from nader dean debate

It was a swell time. I took the metroliner down to D.C., signed in, got my credentials, then went outside to photograph a group of "Deaniacs" hanging outside the building waving signs. While I was there, Dean pulled up, shook hands, and was finally trundled off into the building by security. I followed and jumped in the elevator with them. I missed Nader's coming into the building but got up front for the sound check with a whole bunch of other press photographers. Photographed the debate, went to the NPR party afterwards, on the 6:00 train, then over to the Afif gallery for the opening. Ran into Evi and Kim on their way to Ulyanas.

more behind the cut

Dr. Dean greets supporters outside of the press club.

Nader talks with reporters after the debate, including a ten year old from Scholastic News who got to the point and asked the question everybody wanted him to answer, "Do you think John Kerry would make a better president than George Bush?"

At the NPR party afterwards.

and still more can be found here:


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