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"we grillin' tonight!"

grilled extra-firm tofu in bbq sauce with steamed asparagus for dinner

roswell and i grilled some fine cuts of tofu and listened to Selected Shorts on NPR.

my lil' darlin' sat with me while i ate. then she trotted into the living room with me and we listened to a great episode of Dimension X! (say it loud and imagine the X echoing in your head like "X, X, X, x, x, x!"). The story was about "the house of the future" which was built -- get this in 1985 (remember, this was produced in 1950). The "house of the future" had:

* self warming blankets on the beds!
* automatic vacuum cleaners
* an ashless fireplace
* a talking alarm clock that reminded you to do stuff minute by minute ("time to brush your teeth!")

roz and i looked at one another and i said "holy smokes baby, WE DO LIVE IN THE FUTURE!

then we put our dishes in the automatic dish washer, and roz went up to have a snack from the robot cat feeder while i cleaned the exhaust ports on my jet pack.

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