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So last night International Fetish Model Kiwi took me out to the Marigold, one of the local ritztastic eateries. I had an awesome time. I think she sold copies of my book to everybody in the restaurant.

Later that night, Roswell and I watched "Re-Cycle" by the Pang Brothers -- who were responsible for "The Eye" -- one of the most terrifying films I'v ever seen. Imagine that "the Neverending Story" was done by the same people who did The Exorcist. Every ... 120 seconds it was like being thrown in a frozen lake. By the end of the first 20 minutes my skin had crawled off and was having a party somewhere else. "Chilling" in the most literal sense of the word.

One annoying bit is that some of the actors were speaking Cantonise and other Manderin and whomever was speaking the one was dubbed into t'other, so occasionally you'd have people flapping their lips and not matching the words coming out. The lovely Angeillica Lee returns to navigate this horror fest.

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