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woah on the radio woah

Just got finished with Michael Badnarik's radio show "Lighting the Fires of Liberty" -- Badnarik's a libertarian talk show host and you can bet that someone who hosts a show with a segmant called "Firearms Friday" has a bunch of listeners who would be interested in buying a book of portraits of gun owners. It went pretty well, I managed for two hours to mostly keep my foot out of my mouth, which is where it kept trying to leap of it's own accord. The show was mostly Michael talking about Libertarian politics (of which I know very little), callers calling in to talk about Libertarian politics, and then me talking about the "behind the scenes" of a few of the photos of the book. He plugged the book's url about nine times, so that's good and kept saying things like "marvelous book" and "gorgeous photographs" -- so all in all, I think it went nicely.

Then, about 10 minutes after the show was over, he called me back (off the air) and we talked for about half and hour about aaron burr & alexander hamilton's duel. He seems like a right nice guy. It's been a happy day so far.

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