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steamed tofu and tomato sauce

so i'm back on track. went to bed early, tatiana got me up at 5:30 by headbutting me in the face. i went and watched her eat (she often gets someone up just because she wants company having breakfast -- and who can blame her?) then we steamed up some tofu (press it first between two towels with a couple of fat, dull, books piled on top) then we watched Who Killed The Electric Car which was ... chilling.

The premise of the story is that GM invented a functional electric car ten years ago -- the EV1 that got zero emissions and ran at the equivilant of "sixty-cents a gallon". it was very popular with the people who were leasing them (actors ed begly jr. and mel gibson were two of them) but then, inexplicably, not only did GM kill the project, but destroyed the cars (by shredding them) so that nobody could reverse-engineer their technology. who made GM kill the electric car? there are plenty of suspects -- big oil, consumers, the auto industry ... it was a pretty gripping documentary at times -- a bit long, but a real head-scratcher in some ways.

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